Rating System

***** - Excellent, a must read, life-changing etc.

**** - Great book, room for improvement but a fabulous read nonetheless 

*** - Average, not terrible but not amazing

** - Pretty much wish I hadn't read, bad plot/characters/yawn-inducing

* - I hated it, read at your peril, shouldn't have been published etc.

and half stars mean I'm undecided between the two ratings
All just my opinion and thoughts at the time, of course :)

My reviews generally consist of my own little summary of the book, my review (in which I will try to be as honest as possible and include my criticisms as well as positive parts and my overall thoughts), my rating out of 5 and the official blurb on the end. Oh, and a pretty picture of the cover :) 
All reviews are spoiler-free unless otherwise indicated.

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