Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Cover Reveal: Dreamless UK/rambling apology/IMM (17)

Oh my days...isn't it beautiful? I think I prefer it to Starcrossed - I just LOVE that shade of red! :D This has got me even more excited now - I want the release date to hurry up!!!


On a completely unrelated note, I owe you guys a bit of an apology as well - I'm aware of how terrible a blogger I've been recently, but I've had fairly valid reasons (namely sixth form work, extra curricular stuff and me being really bad at time management) and I hope to get back into reading and reviewing sometime soon and I will be making up for it come summer :) 


I'd also like to do an extremely belated In My Mailbox and thank the wonderful MyKindaBook for giving me the amazing looking After The Snow by Sophie Crockett - I'm sorry I'm behind with reviews for you guys too, but I have some lined up with more to hopefully come :)


  1. Why are UK covers so awesome??!! I love the cover of Dreamless :)

    1. I know, 9 times out of 10 they are the most amazing version :D It's gorgeous, isn't it? :) I doubt there'd be anyone that didn't like it :P
      Thank you for commenting :)


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